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What to look for when purchasing a CO2 meter?

4x tips when purchasing a CO2 air quality meter

Humans breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. When many people are together in a closed space, there is less and less oxygen and more CO2 in the air. The CO2 meter detects when you need to ventilate a room because the ratio of CO2 in the air becomes unhealthy.

Measuring the CO2 value is therefore important in order to know when it is time to ventilate. When purchasing an air quality meter, there are a number of things you can pay attention to.

1) Does the device really have a CO2 meter?
It sounds a bit crazy, but by no means all air quality meters measure the exact PPM value, but only give an indication of the air quality. A good CO2 meter can be recognized by an accurate non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas sensor that measures the exact PPM value.

2) Display with traffic light indicator
A clear display makes it easy to read the values ​​at a glance, it's that easy! Make sure that the device has a "traffic light" in addition to the value in figures. Ventilation advice is given in color here:

Green = no ventilation required
Yellow = ventilation advised
Red = Ventilation urgently advised

3) Warnings
You don't want to walk to a CO2 meter all day to see if you already need to ventilate. That is why it is useful to see if there is also an optional alarm on it. In this way you will automatically receive a notification when the values ​​become too high.

What can be useful is to see if you can set a value yourself when you want to receive a notification.

4) Power supply
Most CO2 meters work on mains power to guarantee a continuous power supply. If you choose a model with a battery, make sure that it lasts long enough

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