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Benefit from subsidy for CO2 meters in classrooms

Benefit from subsidy for CO2 meters in classrooms

The cabinet has now taken measures in the field of air quality in schools in connection with the corona measures. What experts have argued for before CO2 meters in indoor areas, the cabinet has changed tack with regard to schools and offers schools help to map out ventilation options and implement them. For example, all classrooms at primary and secondary schools will have a CO2 meter. 17 million euros has been made available for this.

After Minister Wiersma for Primary and Secondary Education entered into discussions with municipalities and representatives of education, new agreements were made about better ventilation in schools. Next subsidy for CO2 meters in classrooms, there will be a helpline for schools that they can use to ask questions. 

It has been shown that in a room with poor air quality viruses spread more easily. This is certainly not a desirable situation at this time. CO2 meters can help with this by measuring the air quality and indicating when ventilation is required. Due to the better indoor climate, schools can be kept open responsibly, according to Minister Wiersma. 

The subsidy also has retroactive effect. For example, schools that have already purchased CO2 meters can still get the costs back. Schools, teachers and municipalities that need help and advice can call on telephone number 0800-0224402 and the website Here, schools can be helped directly with urgent questions and receive practical tips.

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