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Reduce the risk of corona infection in catering and gyms thanks to CO2 meter

Reduce the risk of corona infection in catering and gyms thanks to CO2 meter

Sports in the gym recently became possible again and the catering industry has been reopened since Wednesday 26 January. Good news for entrepreneurs and of course visitors! As an entrepreneur, you naturally try to do everything you can to take the right measures so that your restaurant, cafe or gym can be visited in a safe and comfortable way. In addition to the mandatory 1,5 meters and QR codes, there are even more options. For example in the field of air quality, which you can measure thanks to a CO2 meter in indoor areas. Since last year, there has been an obligation in Belgium for CO2 meters. In the Netherlands, there is no such obligation (yet), although ventilation experts do advise it.

Better air quality thanks to CO2 meter

Thanks to a CO2 meter, the air quality of a room can be monitored. Experts in the Netherlands have already called for this measure to be followed. Although there is no obligation, you undoubtedly want your guests to be able to enjoy their food and drinks or exercise in a responsible manner. Moreover, this rule can still be introduced in due course. 

How does it work?

The CO2 meter measures the value of carbon dioxide in the air in parts per million (ppm). If the ppm exceeds a certain number, the room must be ventilated quickly. This is important because in rooms with a high CO2 content, the aerosols (saliva droplets) that we exhale linger longer. When someone infected with the coronavirus is in space, these virus droplets can spread to other people in space, resulting in an infection.

Safety and comfort for your guests

Thanks to a CO2 meter you can take measures in time to improve air quality and you can significantly reduce the chance of the coronavirus spreading in your room. It has been shown that good ventilation is very important in the fight against corona. In winter, however, it is not comfortable for your guests to have doors and windows ajar. A CO2 meter therefore offers a solution.

Buy a CO2 meter for your company!

As you know, increasing corona cases are bad for your company. After all, with higher numbers, a lockdown can be announced again. So it is certainly useful to have one and to anticipate possible future obligation of it.

There are several types of CO2 meters that are suitable for various surfaces. Buy here a CO2 meter for your company and offers your guests a safe and comfortable environment!

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