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Weather Station - Inc. Outdoor sensor - Weather forecast/conditions - Date - Alarm clock function - Technoline WS 6710

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The color design in gray and silver puts the spotlight on the product and provides a suitable framework for its remarkable performance. If you've ever cried on an unavoidably warm summer night or sweated in a winter coat on a Christmas walk at nearly 20 degrees, you know how helpful it can be to know the temperatures. That is why the thermometer reliably gives you the current weather conditions - indoors and outdoors. The measurable temperature range is 0 °C - +50 °C indoors and -20 °C - +50 °C outdoors.

The product can be easily mounted on the wall. It takes up no space on tables or shelves and you always have everything in view. The device is also practical thanks to the smart weather forecast function. This way you can plan better and you will no longer be surprised by rain or thunderstorms. You can also get information about the indoor humidity.

  • Quartz clock
  • 12/24 hour display
  • Date display
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display
  • Indoor humidity display
  • MIN/MAX recording
  • Forecast of weather conditions and weather conditions
  • Moon phase display
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Up to 3 channels can be received
  • Wall clock or table clock

Dimensions: 95 x 50 x 145 mm
Batteries: 2 x AA Mignon LR06 (not included)

Dimensions: 55 x 20 x 111 mm
Batteries: 2 x AAA Micro LR03 (not included)