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Rising energy prices

Rising energy prices

It will not have escaped your notice, energy prices have risen enormously. Anyone with a fixed energy contract can handle it for a while. But those who have to sign a new contract will notice that the price difference is huge compared to last year.

The rise in the gas price had many causes, such as a cold spring in 2021, poorly filled stocks and international developments. The recovery of the economy after the first year of the corona crisis also plays a role. Last winter was mild, so gas consumption was not too bad. Normally you would expect falling prices again. But the war that Russia has started and the sanctions against Russia make suppliers uncertain about the supply and price development of (Russian) natural gas. Due to the high natural gas prices, electricity has also become much more expensive. [1]


Save energy and money

The best way to save money is to use less energy and invest in insulation and solar panels. This way you are less dependent on (foreign) fossil fuels.

Also watch out for power guzzlers in the house, such as light bulbs, pond pumps and mechanical ventilation. According to Milieu Centraal, a household spends about 450 kWh per year on the standby consumption of appliances. You can avoid two thirds by turning the devices off completely instead of leaving them on standby. This way you save tens of euros.

Sometimes it is difficult to switch off a device completely or to remove the plug from the socket. You can then place an energy-saving plug between the device and the socket that completely switches off the standby mode.


The Technoline Cost Controller

The Technoline Cost Controller is the solution to monitor your energy consumption. With this small device you can see how much electricity and money is used to use your electrical device. In addition, the Cost Controller also provides a forecast of the consumption costs per day, month and even per year. The Technoline Cost Controller enables you to use energy more consciously and efficiently.

De Technoline Cost Controller is now available at Technolinestore for EUR 27,00. For more information, go to


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