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Technoline MA 10880 Wireless transmitter Frequency 868 MHz

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In addition to the direct use of the various buttons in the app, a versatile use in combination with Conrad Connect is also possible. You can connect existing smart home devices with Conrad Connect and integrate them into the wide ecosystem in the system. Up to 12 different devices or projects can therefore be controlled via the 12 different button functions. A list of supported manufacturers/devices can be found at: www.conrad alerts switch

For use, in addition to a smartphone and an internet connection, you also need a gateway for mobile alerts (the radio switch is also included in the set with the Gateway (1761365), see MA 10088) and a Conrad Connect account (set up for free at www.conrad

For example, Conrad Connect and the "cozy living room" project allow you to use the Mobile Alerts radio transmitter together with various devices. To do this, go to Conrad Connect and search for "cozy living room" in the published projects and import the project into your account.
Pressing the green button on the mobile alerts wall switch simultaneously turns on the light, the heating to 21°C on the radio and a smart socket. Perfect feel-good atmosphere with the mobile alert button is guaranteed.

  • 4 buttons with 3 switch variants each
  • With these 4 buttons you have the option of linking/controlling a total of 12 different switching processes with different devices.
  • Each switching process appears in your own history in the Mobile Alerts app
  • Radio-controlled switch MA 10880

2 AAA batteries (micro)