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Air Quality Meter / CO2 Meter Rechargeable

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The air quality monitor WL1025 

Everyone knows how important good ventilation and good air quality are. This air quality monitor warns you to ventilate more if the air quality is not good enough. In addition to the current CO2 measured values, this air quality monitor (CO2 meter) also displays the CO2 values ​​of the past 24 hours in a diagram. This way you can see the development of the CO1 value of the past 2 hours at a glance. In addition, the meter will also tell you how the quality of the CO24 value is by means of 2 different texts displayed in the traffic light colors:

EXCELLENT (green): 400~600ppm
GOOD (green): 601 ~ 1000ppm
MEDIUM (orange): 1001 ~ 1500 ppm
POOR (red): 1501~2000ppm
POOR (red) already flashing: At 2001 ppm the meter will start flashing and this is also a signal to ventilate the room.

This meter is suitable for all indoor spaces and is ideal for public buildings such as hairdressers, schools, gyms, museums, sports clubs, etc. But this CO2 meter is also a good way to measure air quality at home and in the office.

The most important benefits at a glance

  • CO2 meter, humidity and temperature meter in 1
  • Clear digital numbers with exact current CO2 concentration in the air.
  • Clear warnings with traffic light indication.
  • Adjustable alarm for CO₂ reading
  • Automatic Calibration and Manual Calibration Option
  • History CO2 values ​​of the past 24 hours in diagram display
  • Meets Dutch and Belgian requirements
  • The meter can also be used wirelessly after charging

Technical Features

Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 24 mm
Power Supply: USB Cable (included)
Built-in battery (a fully charged battery works for 5 hours)
Temperature Range: -9,9°C - 50°C / -146.2°F to 122°F
Humidity range: 1% - 99% RH
Display background adjustable in 4 brightness levels

Other CO2 meters
Are you more interested in a similar CO2 meter that works on mains power? Then we would like to refer you to our Technoline air quality meter Model WL1030.


Why should I buy a CO2 meter?

High CO2 levels in the air reduce people's concentration and performance, and it is easier for viruses to spread. Regular and timely ventilation is recommended to improve the indoor climate and maintain health!

Humans breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. When many people are together in an enclosed space, there is less and less oxygen and more CO2 in the air. The amount of CO2 or parts per million (cubic meters) or PPM indicates how clean the air is.

The CO2 meter detects when you need to ventilate a room by showing the PPM that indicates how much CO2 is in the air.
If the PPM gets too high, the air becomes unhealthy and germs are more likely to be transferred. Viruses are easier to spread from 800ppm. In addition, if the CO2 value is higher than 1500ppm, it can already lead to drowsiness. As the ppm rises to 2000 ppm, people can experience headaches, poor concentration, loss of concentration, increased heart rate and mild nausea.

Room ventilation can reduce the ppm to a normal level below 800ppm

The manual can be found via this link: Manual