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Alarm clock with sleep aid - Technoline Dream Mate

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The principle is quite simple. By forcing you to focus and react on the device, it directs your thoughts in a certain direction. Other thoughts are stopped and worrying about unresolved conflicts is interrupted.

Principle of "counting sheep" in your head. The device shows lines on the display at random time intervals. Position or hold the device so that you can see the display clearly when you fall asleep. Then start the sleep function and you will see how effective something as simple as this Dream Mate can be.

The display shows a countdown for the first few seconds. This will turn off, lines will appear and you have to keep counting the seconds in your head. When you think the set time is up, press the button again. Now see if you were right.
    • Alarm clock with fall asleep function (for people with sleeping problems)
    • Quartz clock
    • 12/24 hour time display
    • Daily alarm with snooze function (programmable intervals)
    • Sleep counter (programmable intervals) to minimize sleep problems (optimized principle of "Counting Sheep")
    • Green backlight


    • Dimensions: 78 x 44 x 143 mm
    • Power Requirements: 2 x AAA Micro 1,5V (not included)