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Weather station - Swimming pool thermometer - Outdoor Thermo/hygrometer - Technoline MA 10070

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The MA10070 gateway and pool sensor set for the Mobile Alerts system consists of a gateway, a pool sensor that constantly monitors the water temperature and a thermo-hygro sensor that constantly monitors the temperature and humidity. The thermo-hygro sensor must be installed protected from direct rain and sun. Both sensors report malfunctions directly to your smartphone.

  • Thermo/Hygrometer - Swimming Pool - Sensor MA 10700
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Additional sensor for the Mobile Alerts System


Display module: MA 10702:
Dimensions: 38 x 21 x 128 mm
Power supply: 2 x AA Mignon, 1.5V (included)

Sensor: MA 10701:
Dimensions: 107 x 107 x 132 mm
Power Requirements: 2 x AA Mignon, 1.5V (included)

Port not included. This is an extension set.
MA 10070 can be ordered for the set including Gateway, or a separate Gateway with number MA 10000.