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Weather station - Temperature - Air pressure - Humidity - Technoline MA 10238

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MOBILE ALERTS MA 10238 now, after a long wait, combined with the Gateway (the heart of the Mobile Alerts System) and now available to the customer as a practical set.
This stylishly designed air pressure gauge hardly leaves a wish open. In addition to the modern design and the current relative air pressure, which can be found in the upper part of the easy-to-read and clear display, the MA 10238 also displays the indoor temperature and the indoor humidity. A bar graph is shown in the center of the display, showing the history of relative air pressure for the past 24 hours. As with all Mobile ALERTS modules, the barometer also sends the data to your smartphone, which you can access anywhere with the MOBILE ALERTS app for iOS and Android.
The gateway (base station) is responsible for data transfer. It is the heart of THE MOBILE ALERTS System and is included in this set.
This gateway is the link between your sensors and the sensor cloud, or your smartphone. Within the app you can not only read current measurement data or previous measurement data from the history, but you can also display the history graphically, export the data for evaluation and set alarms so that you can send a message in the event of an overshoot or undershoot and appear on your smartphone.

  • Air pressure memory
  • Thermohygro Alerts
  • Barometric Pressure Alerts
  • Temperature measurement: -9,9°C to 59,9°C
  • Humidity measurement: 1% to 99%
  • Air pressure measurement: 700 to 1150 mbar