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Air Quality CO2 Meter with Thermometer and Hygrometer Mobile Alert - Technoline MA 10402 Mobile Alert - Technoline MA 10402

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The air quality monitor can not only be used as a separate station, but is also compatible with the gateway and thus can be connected to the Mobile Alerts home monitoring system and expanded with many other wireless sensors if required. (Via the wireless sensors that are connected to the Internet by means of a gateway, you can use Mobile Alerts worldwide to request all information from your home worldwide with your smartphone. In the event of malfunctions, you are immediately warned via push messages, so that you prevent greater damage by targeting in The special feature of this station is the air quality sensor, which continuously measures the air quality in the room. If the air quality is clearly too bad, a red warning light lights up and you can counteract this by, for example, briefly ventilating the room. MA10402 as an additional sensor for the Mobile Alerts system, which permanently monitors not only the temperature, but also the humidity and air quality.Furthermore, faults are reported directly on your smartphone (Requires the Mobile Alerts app, a smartphone and a gateway. )

  • Quartz clock
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display
  • Humidity indicator for indoor and outdoor storage
  • Air quality sensor for room air quality monitoring
  • Display of CO2 equivalent measurements and quality indicator
  • Air quality alarm via LED