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Technoline Mobile Alerts 10100

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MA 10101 - Temperature sensor with waterproof cable probe
The MA 10101 is an additional sensor to expand the home monitoring system
of mobile alerts. It measures the indoor or outdoor temperature, or the temperature of non-corrosive liquids.
For example, the sensor is ideal for monitoring the temperature in your aquarium or garden pond.
You will be immediately notified via push notification on your smartphone as soon as the previously entered
Temperature limits are exceeded or undershot and can react immediately.
The functionality of the alarms is established via the "MOBILE ALERTS" app.
You also need MA 10101 to commission the additional sensor
a gateway (base station - included in many sets of Mobile Alerts), a smartphone and an internet connection.
  • Temperature sensor
  • Temperature Alert
  • Temperature measurement: -29°C to +59,9°C
  • 90 days of history
Dimensions (WxHxD): 32 x 87 x 17 mm
Power Requirements: 2x AAA Micro LR03 (included)