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Professional weather station - 3 outdoor sensors Technoline WS 2816

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Professional wireless weather station, weather station already contains three outdoor sensors
A thermo-hygro transmitter to regulate the outside temperature and humidity, a rain gauge that reliably informs you about the amount of precipitation that has fallen, and a solar anemometer to determine the wind direction and speed at the installation site. The data is sent wirelessly to the base station and displayed there.
  • Time via PC or manual settings
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Date display
  • Indoor and outdoor humidity display
  • Indoor and outdoor humidity display
  • MIN/MAX recording
  • Display of wind chill (wind chill)
  • Wind speed and direction display
  • Windgeschwindigkeits- und Windrichtungsanzeige
  • Barometric pressure display and 24-hour barometric pressure history
  • Precipitation Display
  • Forecast of weather conditions and weather trend
  • Alarm function for certain weather conditions
  • Wireless data transfer to PC via USB stick and PC software
  • Wall mounting or standing on the table


Dimensions (WxHxD): 222 x 173 x 42 mm
Power supply: 3x Baby C (not included)

Transmitter TX58-IT
Dimensions: Ø132 x 183mm
Power supply: 2x AA Mignon LR06 (not included)

Transmitter TX59N-IT
Dimensions: 80 x 90 x 190 mm
Power supply: 2x Baby C (not included)

Transmitter TX63-IT
Dimensions: 250 x 146 x 282 mm
Power Requirements: Solar Energy