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Weather Station - Inc. outdoor sensor - Weather forecast / c

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The WS 9612 makes optically something really special; the slim black housing and the silver decorative strip on the front give the station a stylish outdoor look; but not only on the outside does the station have something to offer.

The WS 9612 also looks good technically; In addition to the exact time via radio signal, indoor and outdoor temperature display and indoor and outdoor humidity, the weather forecast is displayed using the "Weatherby"

For example, when it's warm, the Weatherboy shows up in short swimming trunks; however, if it is very cold, the "Weatherboy" is wrapped in pulli, scarf and hat

The altitude and lowest values ​​are saved and also displayed; Furthermore, the station offers almost everything: via sunrise and sunset, moon phases, feel-good indicator, double temperature alarm to wake-up alarm with snooze function

With the latest functions, the station is also ideal for placement in the bedroom as an alarm clock replacement

  • DCF-77 radio clock with manual setting option
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Time zone setting (± 12 hours)
  • Date and weekday display (7 languages)
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display
  • Indoor humidity display
  • MIN/MAX storage
  • Feel-good indicator
  • Weather forecast with "Wettermännchen (dresses according to the weather)
  • Display of sunrise and sunset
  • Moon phase display
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Blue backlight
  • Receive a maximum of 3 outdoor sensors
  • table standing

Dimensions: 146 x 95 x 44 mm
Power: 2 x AA Mignon LR06
(Not included)

Outdoor sensor:
Dimensions: 104 x 27 x 40 mm
DCF-77 radio clock with manual setting option

Power: 2 x AA Mignon LR06
(Not included)