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TECHNOLINE WS8011 JUMBO Clock / alarm

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The WS 8011 is a modern XXL (43 cm) radio-controlled wall clock in a black high-gloss look, which, in addition to the exact time, also shows you the inside and outside temperature and the humidity inside and outside.
With the help of weather symbols you also get the weather trend for the current day
The LCD display with light and dark contrast allows you to read the data at any time, regardless of the viewing angle

  • DCF-77 Radio Controlled Clock with Manual Time Setting
  • 12/24 hour display
  • Date and weekday display (8 languages)
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display
  • Indoor and outdoor humidity display
  • Weather forecast
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Jumbo LCD
  • Wall clock or table clock


Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 289 x 34 mm
Power supply: 4x AA Mignon LR06 (not included)

Transmitter TX108DTH
Dimensions (WxHxD): 65 x 100 x 35 mm
Power supply: 2x AA Mignon LR06 (not included)