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Radio controlled digital wall clock - Thermometer and Hygrometer - Date - Technoline WS 8014

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A digital quartz clock with 12/24 hour display.
The clock sets itself on time, so it automatically adjusts to summer and winter time and is always accurate to the second. You don't have to do anything for this.

Display of indoor humidity and temperature in C or F, simultaneous display of time, date and day of the week, with alarm and snooze function, for wall mounting or freestanding on a table.


  • Radio controlled clock. Always the most accurate time
  • Automatically adapts to daylight saving time
  • Humidity display
  • Display of the temperature inside in C or F
  • Date and day of the week display
  • Includes Alarm with snooze function
  • Freestanding or wall mounted

W 200 x H 189 x D 29 mm
battery power
Colour: black