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Technoline WS 9125 weather station

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With the black color, the product remains discreet in the background and only attracts attention with its accurate renderings. And if you're also familiar with the classic too-hot-to-cold discussion at home, then buying from a neutral source, such as a thermometer, is even more rewarding! The device is designed to measure the indoor temperature in rooms. If it's less than 16 degrees in the living room, it's probably time to close the window and turn on the heating.
The product can be easily mounted on the wall. It takes up no space on tables or shelves and you always have everything in view. The device is also practical thanks to the smart weather forecast function. This way you can plan better and you will no longer be surprised by rain or thunderstorms. The indoor humidity is also measured.
Always the current time in view? This is possible thanks to the clear time display on the weather station. A weather icon on the display lets you know the current weather. The option to save temperature values ​​provides a simple overview of the temperature trend.

  • Quartz clock
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • weekday display
  • Indoor temperature display in °C/°F
  • Indoor humidity display
  • MIN/MAX recording
  • Temperature trend display
  • Weather forecasting
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Backlight
  • Wall mounting or standing on the table


Dimensions: 66 x 120 x 24 mm
Power Requirements: 2 x AAA Micro LR03, 1.5V (not included)