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Radio controlled alarm clock - Date and weekday display - Technoline WT 496

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This modern, black alarm clock with the extra large and very clear display indicates the exact time via radio (DCF-77). For you, this means that you never have to set the time again for the time change in autumn or summer, because with this alarm clock the time is automatically set for you. In addition to the exact time, the display also shows the date and the current day of the week. The special feature of this clock radio is the possibility to set 5 different alarms with a total of 4 different alarm options (Monday to Sunday (daily), only Monday to Friday (weekdays), only Saturday and Sunday (weekend) or only a specific day (special alarm - for example birthday reminder)). The function of the night light is not lacking with this alarm clock. It replaces the annoying feeling of being touched in complete darkness, as you may have woken up during the night and now want to quickly check the clock to find out how much time you have left before the alarm clock finally drives you out of bed. A quick glance in the direction of the alarm clock is enough and you can confidently drift back to dreamland. Of course, this feature is optional. If you find the dim light annoying, you can turn off the night light function at any time and press the button for the bright, even backlight to tell the time at night.

  • DCF-77 radio controlled clock with manual setting
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Date and weekday display
  • Set time zone
  • 5 alarms with snooze function (weekdays, weekends, daily, one-time)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Night light function
  • Backlight

Dimensions: 129 x 40 x 67 mm
Power Supply: 4 x AAA Micro 1.5V Batteries (not included)