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Air Quality CO2 Meter - Technoline WL 1028

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CO₂ meter WL1028 Technoline reliable air quality monitor


A very complete air quality meter that measures air quality.

Powerful CO₂ sensor with a measuring range up to 5000 ppm. Ventilation advice based on CO2 concentration in the air. This unit also measures humidity and temperature.

Ideal for public buildings such as hairdressers, schools, gyms, museums, sports clubs, etc. But also just a good way to measure the air quality at home.
Everyone knows how important good ventilation and air quality are. This air quality monitor warns you to ventilate more if the air quality is not good enough. The quality can be read from the values ​​on the meter. You will also receive ventilation advice because the color of the advice circle changes.
(The numbers speak for themselves, the text on the meter is in German)

Before first use: 
The values ​​are displayed within 2,5 minutes. After that, it will (automatically) calibrate the device for another 24 hours to then display accurate readings. This process is repeated when you move the device, for example to measure the air quality in another room. This process enables the Technoline Air Quality Meter to guarantee accurate measurements.

Why do I need a CO2 meter?

Why should I buy a CO2 meter?

High CO2 levels in the air reduce people's concentration and performance, and it is easier for viruses to spread. Regular and timely ventilation is recommended to improve the indoor climate and maintain health!

Humans breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. When many people are together in an enclosed space, there is less and less oxygen and more CO2 in the air. The amount of CO2 or parts per million (cubic meters) or PPM indicates how clean the air is.

The CO2 meter detects when you need to ventilate a room by showing the PPM that indicates how much CO2 is in the air.
If the PPM gets too high, the air becomes unhealthy and germs are more likely to be transferred. Viruses are easier to spread from 800ppm. In addition, if the CO2 value is higher than 1500ppm, it can already lead to drowsiness. As the ppm rises to 2000 ppm, people can experience headaches, poor concentration, loss of concentration, increased heart rate and mild nausea.

Room ventilation can reduce the ppm to a normal level below 800ppm

CO2 Levels and Guidelines

CO2 levels and guidelines

Below are some general CO2 reference levels:

Background (normal) outside air level.

Typical level for occupied spaces with good air circulation.

Start ventilation of the room.

Level associated with complaints of drowsiness and bad air.
Ventilation recommended!

Level associated with headache, drowsiness and stagnant, stale, congested air. Poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart rate and mild nausea can also occur. Ventilation highly recommended!

> 5.000 ppm
Exposure can lead to severe oxygen starvation, which can lead to permanent brain damage, coma and death. Requires immediate ventilation!

CO2 Properties


  • Air quality sensor for monitoring the air quality in closed rooms
  • Powerful CO₂ sensor with a measuring range up to 5000 ppm, including ventilation advice based on the CO₂ content in the air
  • Indoor temperature display in ° C or ° F
  • Indoor Humidity Display
  • MIN / MAX value storage of the last 24 hours with automatic scrolling function
  • Air quality sensor for air quality monitoring
  • Adjustable alarm for CO₂ reading with optional alarm signal
  • Adjustable alarms for upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity
  • Calibration function for CO₂, temperature and humidity
  • Built-in ROM for storing the settings, backlight with adjustable brightness levels.